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Create Learning Vacations That Engage and Inspire Hotel Guests

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In a world where travel is more than just ticking off destinations, learning vacations are becoming the new trend. People are looking to enrich their lives with new skills and experiences while exploring new places. If you’re in the travel and hotel industry, offering learning vacations can set you apart and attract a diverse range of curious and enthusiastic travellers. Here’s how to craft learning vacations that engage and inspire your guests, the Run way.

1. Understand Your Audience

First things first, know your audience. What are they passionate about? What new skills do they want to acquire? Whether it’s cooking classes, art workshops, or language courses, tailor your offerings to meet their interests.

Tip: Use surveys or feedback forms to gather insights into what your guests are looking for. Personalising the experience makes it more engaging and memorable.

2. Partner with Local Experts

Collaborate with local experts and artisans to provide authentic learning experiences. This not only supports the local community but also ensures that your guests are getting top-notch instruction.

Example: Partner with a renowned local chef for cooking classes or a celebrated artist for painting workshops. The authenticity and expertise they bring will enhance the overall experience.

3. Create Immersive Experiences

Go beyond the classroom. Make sure your learning vacations include hands-on activities and real-world applications. Immersive experiences help guests connect with the material and retain what they’ve learned.

Idea: If you’re offering a cooking class, take your guests to local markets to pick out fresh ingredients. If it’s a photography workshop, explore picturesque locations where they can practise their skills.

4. Blend Learning with Leisure

Balance is key. While learning is important, vacations should also be relaxing and fun. Make sure there’s plenty of downtime for guests to unwind and explore on their own.

Suggestion: Schedule classes in the mornings and leave afternoons free for leisure activities. This allows guests to absorb what they’ve learned without feeling overwhelmed.

5. Offer Customisation

Everyone learns at their own pace. Offering customisable options lets guests choose the intensity and duration of their learning experiences.

Flexibility: Provide options for one-day workshops, week-long courses, or even longer programmes. This way, guests can tailor their vacation to suit their learning style and schedule.

6. Foster a Sense of Community

Create opportunities for guests to connect. Shared learning experiences can forge strong bonds and enhance the overall vacation experience.

Activities: Organise group dinners, social events, or collaborative projects. Encourage guests to share their progress and experiences.

7. Provide Takeaways

Ensure your guests leave with more than just memories. Provide materials or souvenirs that help them continue their learning journey at home.

Gifts: Offer recipe books, art supplies, or language resources that guests can use to practise what they’ve learned after their vacation.

8. Collect Feedback and Improve

Always seek feedback from your guests to understand what worked well and what could be improved. Continuous improvement keeps your offerings fresh and exciting.

Action: Use feedback forms, follow-up emails, or social media to gather insights. Implement changes based on the feedback to enhance future learning vacations.


Creating learning vacations that engage and inspire is all about understanding your guests and providing authentic, immersive, and enjoyable experiences. By partnering with local experts, balancing learning with leisure, and fostering a sense of community, you can offer unforgettable vacations that not only educate but also delight your guests. At Run, we believe in enriching lives through experiences, and learning vacations are a fantastic way to do just that. Happy planning!

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